Chris Holmes – C.H.P.

Release – 2016


  1. Loser
  2. They All Lie and Cheat
  3. Way to Be
  4. Down in the Hole
  5. Shitting Bricks
  6. Get With It
  7. Let it Roar
  8. Born, Work, Die
  9. 502
  10. TFMF
  11. Shitting Bricks (Live)
  12. Let it Roar (Live)


Chris Holmes, former guitarist with W.A.S.P. brings us his new outing for 2016.

This follows up 2015’s “Shitting Bricks” album, and really this is probably best reviewed as a compilation or E.P. as such, as a lot of the tracks on here have appeared before (on various mediums), but I will review it independently.

Chris is an amazing axe-man, someone who disappeared for quite a number of years due to health reasons, but came back swinging in 2012 with “Nothing to Lose“, a self-released 10-track affair which blew people away.

This release is no different, it’s Chris Holmes, for gods sake. Loud, heavy and offensive, yet he does not give a fuck, which is part of Chris’s charm. If you do not like your music very raw, rough and ready, you probably won’t enjoy this.

I cannot help but draw comparisons to W.A.S.P., but that is obvious, Chris was the guitarist for them from 1982-1990, then again from 1996-2001 before venturing off on his own personal journey.

“They All Lie and Cheat” is hilarious, yet somewhat true, as is “Born, Work, Die” and “Shitting Bricks”. Chris tells things how he  sees them, and that’s fine by me, and should be with anyone else who’s familiar with his brand of music.


6 out o f 10


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