Aeon Sable – Hypaerion (2016)

RELEASE – 2016

Tracklist –

  1. … Hypaerion
  2. Elysion
  3. Laylah
  4. Garden of Light
  5. Of Cats and Mice
  6. White Snow
  7. Procession


Aeon Sable are a German Gothic-Rock band, formed in Essen in 2010.

Like many others, I loved Aeon Sable’s release last release in 2014 “Visionaers“. I know that some may consider them slightly “cliche” in the goth-rock world, but I enjoyed all of their previous releases, and this one is definitely up there with the best of 2016 so far for Gothic Rock albums.

After a rather lengthy introduction “…Hypaerion”, we are treated to “Elysion” which truly sets the tone for the rest of this 7 track affair.

Some may be put off by the lack of tracks on this release, but the whole thing clocks in at 52 minutes in length, which is quite long for a full-length nowadays, and this album never outstays it’s welcome in any way,shape or form.

Influences on this album include Fields of the Nephilim, (early) The Cure, Merciful Nuns, Angels of Liberty and Still Patient?. Aeon Sable are no copycats though, they do bring new elements to the table with each additionally track, and have a very nice psychedelic touch to their musical sound which makes them stand out from the masses.

If you enjoyed any of Aeon Sable’s previous releases, or just want to  hear some unique traditional Gothic-Rock (which is not really being produced too much these days), pick this release up and enjoy an hour (give or take) of brilliant music.


8 out of 10.


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