Texas Hippie Coalition – Dark Side Of Black (2016)


Texas Hippie Coalition – Dark Side of Black



  1. Come Get It
  2. Angel Fall
  3. Shakin’ Baby
  4. Knee Deep
  5. Villain
  6. Into the Wall
  7. Dark Side
  8. Rise
  9. Hit it Again
  10. Gods are Angry


There’s really no easy way to say this – I fuckin’ hate try-hards.

There, it is out of the way now, we can get on with the review of this latest recording by Denison, Texas “metal” band Texas Hippie Coalition.

Previously, the band has put out four other titles, the last one being 2014’s “Ride On“.

I have heard “Ride on”, hated the damn thing to death, but was hoping that perhaps the band had maybe had a complete overhaul or something before recording this new album.

No such luck there, my friends.

Let me start off with the positives first… of which there is only one.

The album is only 40 minutes in length, which (in affect) is not even a positive, because this thing outstayed it’s welcome before the first track was even over for me.

“Come Get It” is the opening track, which they should have been trying to impress with, but failed miserably with generic, over-used guitar riffs which sound like a poor-man’s Black Label Society (which is both an insult to BLS, and the truth here, sadly).

Sadly, the rest of the album truly makes me cringe – TCM (as they are refereed to by their few follower fans) try to be a hybrid of Pantera/Black Label Society/Alice In chains/Limp Bizkit, and truly they’re nothing close to any of those bands (even if those bands are also quite bad).

I would not waste a fucking cent on this generic, supposed “Groove-Metal” genre album, it’s repetitive, non-inventive, sheepish department-store “rock” not metal in any true sense of the word.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, this is mine. You’ve been warned.



0.3 out of 10 – Avoid at all costs!




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