House by the Cemetery (1981)

House by the Cemetery…


“In New York, Dr. Norman Boyle assumes the research about Dr. Freudstein of his colleague Dr. Petersen, who committed suicide after killing his mistress. Norman heads to Boston with his wife Lucy Boyle and their son Bob to live in an isolated house in the woods that belonged to Dr. Petersen. Bob befriends the girl Mae that only he can see and she warns him to leave the house. Soon his parents hire the mysterious babysitter Ann and creepy things happen in the house, When Bobby goes to the basement, his parents discover the secret of the house.”


When I first had the idea of doing this blog, the first thing that entered my mind was the wonderful films of Lucio Fulci, and how I don’t think that they are celebrated enough. This was going to be one of my first reviews here, but other films demanded attention first, and I wanted to save this one for as long as I could.

I can’t wait any more, I must review Lucio Fulci‘s The House by the Cemetery!

The “nuts and bolts” of it – a family move into creepy as fuck old house, and are unaware that living in the cellar is the flesh-eating zombie of a 19th Century surgeon!

To say more of the story would perhaps ruin it for any unsuspecting viewers who have yet to have indulged in this – one of Fulci’s greatest feature films.

Gore? Oh hell yes! Plenty of gore, as is standard with most Fulci horror flicks, but oh so much more than just gore.

The soundtrack to this thing is pure Italian horror prog rock sleaze in all it’s glory from Walter Rizzati .

The main theme to the movie is an atmospheric and mournful piece that starts with a fast paced Gothic organ recital, before an electric bass and drum-beat kick in, followed by a soaring and ethereal wordless vocal chant. It’s very eerie and very distinctive, and comes across like a funeral march.Fulci could always be depended upon to feature superb music in his films.

(If you get a chance to obtain a copy of the soundtrack, be aware as there as several remasters of the thing, and not all of them sound too great, the original is the best. I also have Walter’s  1990 I Guerrieri Del Bronx (1990: The Bronx Warriors) soundtrack too which is amazing).

Seriously, most gore-hounds have seen this film, or they at least know Fulci’s back catalogue of material, so they know what they’re getting, but this is a classic horror film which is often copied, but never improved upon.


9 out of 10 – In the top 50 best horror films of all time, for sure!



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