Damien (TV) – (2016)


“After discovering his origins, Damien Thorn must cope with life as the Anti-Christ.”


Ok, I agree – I was extremely skeptical of this show when I first started to view it, both because it was a “re-imagining” and continuation of perhaps one of the finest horror flicks from the 70’s, and very much a childhood pleasure for me.

Thing did not seem to go too well for me for the first half of Ep.01, but towards the middle and ending of the episode, I was intrigued and very much looking forward to it’s continuation!

Stand-out for me is indeed Barbara Hershey (The Entity), her energy, malice and pure talent shine through here, and it is the greatest thing I have seen her in since The Entity (not to say that any of her other work is lesser).

Bradley James does a pretty good job as Damien Thorn, a man struggling to accept his true identity as the son of Satan.

Megalyn Echikunwoke also does quite a good job, in her role as Simone.

One of the best things I find about shows like this is the slow-building atmosphere, and this show does not disappoint in that department either, it moves very slow, and lingers on some unpleasant and very dark subject matters, which is necessary of course (remember just who Damien is!).

One hope for the series I have is that it is not cancelled, and that A&E renew it for at least a second season!

(also, please include more scenes with the beautiful dogs!)

RATING (this may change as the series goes on):

8.2 out of 10 – One of the better shows on TV  right now!


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