Backtrack (2015)


“Psychologist Peter Bower’s life is thrown into turmoil when he discovers a strange secret about his patients. Risking his own sanity, Peter delves into his past to uncover a terrifying secret which only he can put right.


Backtrack is the new film from director Michael Petroni, starring Adrien Brody, playing the slightly distraught psychologist Peter Bower.

Filmed in my hometown of Melbourne, Australia (and featuring a number of shots of Southern Cross station), the familiar surroundings helped me to feel comfortable with the film enough to engross myself for it’s run-time of 90 minutes.

A slow-burner is probably the best way I would describe Backtrack, a film about a man with a trauma in his past who is trying to understand how best to deal with it, but not getting very far in the process, because he, himself, is haunted (supernaturally, not just mentally).

The ghost sequences in this film are done relatively well, and co-star Robin McLeavy is lovely and good as usual (I adored her in The Loved Ones!). Sam Neil also delivers a small performance as Duncan Stewart, Peter’s psychologist mentor (or, is he?)

All in all, Backtrack is a solid psychological thriller with some nice supernatural elements, but it also has quite a lot of dramatic elements, which may put some horror fan off, but I do recommend that you stick with it.


5.2 out of 10 – Stick with this one, and be pleasantly surprised.

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