Temtris – Enter the Asylum


Band: Temtris

Album: Enter the Asylum

Location: Sydney, Australia.

Release: 2016 on Battlegod Productions


  1. Random Access Memory (R.A.M.)
  2. Enter the Asylum
  3. Mind Games
  4. The Summoning
  5. Break the Skin
  6. Darkness Falling
  7. Too Deep
  8. Empty Room
  9. Night Stalker
  10. Seasons of Decay
  11. Lament
  12. Phonix

Run Time: 51:30



I confess that being from Australia, I am ashamed. I had never heard of Temtris previously (forgive me please!), but I received a promotional copy of this  2016 album from Jan at Battlegod Productions.

Straight away, I went into this release without knowing anything about the band, who the members were etc, all I was aware of was that they were an Australian metal piece from Syndey, NSW.

Right off the bat (after a very short intro), the album kicks into the title-track Enter the Asylum, one which is both powerful and significant, as it’s the first time I heard the singer’s very powerful voice. At times, it reminded me of Michael Sweet’s early work with Stryper, yet I knew it could not be  him, as he’d just released a new project.

Funnily enough, it turns out that the vocalist is actually a wonderful woman named Genevieve Rodda.

The rest of the band consists of Adam Wotherspoon on bass, Wayne Campbell on drums, Anthony Fox on lead guitars and Anthony Hoffman on guitars(lead) and backing vocals.

Now that lineup drama is out of the way, it is time to pay attention to this, an album which truly does demand attention, and close listens.
For the most part, Enter the Asylum is an album which is very heavy in it’s tone and lyrical content (which is written very well). There is only one “ballad” as such on here, the 11th track Lament, which makes good use of both  Genevieve  and Anthony Hoffman’s well performed vocal abilities, and it must be said that Genevieve  certainly has a very commanding vocal approach, her highs are done significantly well, and when she does go low, it is also handled with precision.

Throughout the album, the guitar and drum work is very balanced, played extremely well, and it is sometimes hard to believe that this band has not received  more attention, they are that good, but this is their fourth full-length affair, following up 2014’s Shallow Grave full-length.

What I enjoy most about this release is indeed Genevieve’s perfect vocal performance, but also the low growls used by Anthony Hoffman are used sparingly, and very well executed. There really is not anything more positive I can say about this release, other than the fact that it will most likely enter my top 10 of the year, possibly even top 3-5 (if I can push other favorites out of the way!).

I previously spoke with Genevieve today before writing this review to grab the lowdown on the recording process of this album, she explains below!

Here is the Temtris recording and writing process for Enter Asylum.

Our previous album Shallow Grave( Released in March 2014 ) was taking a long time to come together in the studio, which was out of our hands .

.In this time Anthony Fox started writing tunes for the next album…

Break the skin was one of those songs.

At the end of 2014 Temtris lost their drummer and needed a replacement.

Original Drummer Wayne Campbell also from Mortal Sin asked to re join.

Over the Christmas period we lost a guitarist also.

Wayne moved down from Queensland into the Temtris house and Myself and Anthony started writing the rest of the tunes for the next album as we had a goal to have another album out by 2016.

Anthony and i came up with a concept of each song being about a patient in an asylum and be about their personalities and traits.

Summoning for example is about a mad preacher, Break the skin is about a psychopath and so the ideas for songs started to pour out.

In the meantime we were joined by Anthony Hoffman as our replacement 2nd guitarist ( also a previous Mortal sin member). He wrote the tune Enter the Asylum which Anthony fox arranged with lyrics and it became our title track and the thinking process on the artwork began.

In the meantime Temtris hit the studio to re-record two tracks off our first album “Threshold” , Awakening and Bullet were recorded at mainstreet studios in Wollongong and a film clip made for awakening …this gave us a chance to check out the recording studios and engineers.

In November 2015 Temtris hit the Wollongong studios to record 12 tracks on drums and vocals while the guitars and bass tracks were recorded in our own studios.

While the album was being recorded we hit up our artist Darrell Firth from not so fine art and gave him our ideas on the Artwork..

He produced an amazing piece!!

Time was short as in 12 months we had replaced two members of Temtris..wrote a 12 song album , hit the studios to re-record two tracks off the first album plus produce a film-clip.

It was now the beginning of 2016 and a deadline had to be meet of releasing an album in April 2016..

Temtris produced another film-clip to go with the Single, Enter the asylum and the album was ready to be released hot off the pressing plant the day of the release launch in Sydney, 9th April 2016 !!”


9.8 out of 10 – An excellently performed and produced masterpiece of  power/Traditional Metal.








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