Uninvited (1988)



A bunch of young people are invited to a Caribbean cruise on a gangster’s yacht, to distract the attention of the authorities.

Unfortunately, a mutant cat which escaped from a test laboratory also gets on board, and kills most of the passengers.


Greydon Clark directed this little cheapy from 1988, and I believe it was a direct-to-video release, without a proper theatrical release date.

It stars George Kennedy in a very unforgettable role, and this must truly be possibly one of the most forgetable films from a fantastic era of horror classics, but something always brings me back to it.

I saw it when it was first released, and enjoyed it then as a kid, but watching it again recently, I found myself kind of cringing at some of the films’ very badly done effects and the acting is just over-the-top terrible in parts, yet the cat itself is very cute you just cannot hate it’s existence in the film, no matter how cheap and nasty it looks!


3 out of 10 – see this if you’ve seen it before…or are under the age of 7 right now!

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