Blood Harvest (1987)




In a small town, people are being murdered by having their throats cut.



Tiny Tim stars in his first dramatic film role in this taut drama, directed by Bill Rebane.

A Beautiful young girl, Jill Robinson, returns to her peaceful rural home town to find that her life has been turned upside down.

The house she grew up in has been defaced, her parents are missing, and the whole town hates her father, the bank supervisor who had foreclosed on many of the local farms.

Only “Marvelous Mervo” (Tiny Tim) seems happy to see her.

He wanders around the community dressed in a clown’s suit with a clown’s permanent grin grotesquely painted on his face.

Mervo’s brother tries to re-kindle his love affair with Jill.

Then, one by one, those closest to her are slaughtered like cattle… tied upside down from the rafters of the barn… until the surprise ending reveals the madman.. and a very unlikely savior.

To say that this film is great is bullshit, it is not. It is,however, slightly entertaining, and Tiny Tim has always been a creepy character, weather he was doing his “Tiptoe Through the Tulips” business, or trying to act.

In this role, because of his overall obscurity, Tiny Tim succeeds, but is sadly the only saving grace for this film.

All in all, I would probably give this film a:


3 out of 10 – Based purely on Tiny Tim’s creepy performance.




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