Story Submissions Wanted- Between the Tracks : Tales from the Ghost Train!

Good friend Steve from Oz Horror Con will be publishing a collection of short stories in 2017, the working title of which is “Between the Tracks … Tales from the Ghost Train”.


Good friend Steve from Oz Horror Con will be publishing a collection of short stories in 2017, the working title of which is “Between the Tracks … Tales from the Ghost Train”.

A public call for submissions via social media and on our web site, has led to a trainload of short stories, ideas, links to urban myths and supernatural tales involving trains and trams, trolleys and tracks of all kind. Behind the scenes, we also reached out to established horror writers to provide archetypes and best-of-breed tales of track-related terror. We would now like to announce two anchor writers for the anthology, and while neither writer requires an introduction to the horror community, we wanted to offer a brief note about these maestros of horror.

Clive Barker – The Midnight Meat Train

We’ve selected Clive Barker’s tale The Midnight Meat Train as an archetype. A highly visceral story at one level, Midnight Meat Train is also concerned with our protagonist’s own journey in a city renowned for its ruthless, uncaring nature. The train itself, the underground, the tunnels, and its final destination all provide a suitably thematic arena for exploring paranoia, entrapment, claustrophobia, gruesome murders and ultimately, the unveiling of deep mysteries.

Ramsey Campbell – to be announced

Ramsey Campbell is undisputed grand-master of paranoiac, creepy tales of insidious terror. He has won many major awards and received numerous accolades over several decades. We’re excitedly reading through several of Ramsey’s tales now to decide which story best aligns with the character of ‘Between the Tracks.’
Please look out for future announcements on the website or our FaceBook group at…

Starry Eyes (2014)


“A hopeful young starlet uncovers the ominous origins of the Hollywood elite and enters into a deadly agreement in exchange for fame and fortune…”


Fuck! Now, this is how you make a modern day horror film!

I thorough enjoyed this film, from beginning to end, and props have to be given to Alex Esoe for her completely believable portrayal of a woman who is (or may be) becoming something which is very nasty indeed.

I actually got given a screener of this to view for honest review, and this was perhaps the best modern horror feature film I have seen in the past 5 years (along with another indie gem I will be reviewing shortly).

The film starts with the beautiful Alex waiting tables at a shitty diner, but she truly wants to try her hand at acting, so she auditions for a part in a film, with very bizarre, disturbing and extreme circumstances.

When all is said and done Starry Eyes is what is commonly referred to as a “Body-Horror”, made famous by people like David Cronenberg with features like The Fly, Rabid, Shivers, The Brood and Scanners (all of which you should check out NOW).

But directors Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer are no copycats at all, they take elements from Body-Horror classics of yesteryear and make it their own with Starry Eyes.

There’s some truly amazing (and very believable) effects by Matt Falletrta (who I know previously from Progeny), these effects are used minimally, and show truly how a theme can be pushed to it’s limits and beyond without overdoing it.

Alex’s performance in the lead is truly something amazing to behold. She gives up everything for this role, you can tell she prepared for it well, and gave everything, including her soul (hint,hint!). When an actress bares their body and soul for a film, you just know that it is for the right reasons – the love and honor of the genre (and in this case – horror). Alex’s performance is pure perfection and could not have been improved at all. How will she top this in any other film? Let us wait and see. She will clearly be a very promising person to watch for in the future of horror films in general, let us hope and pray that Hollywood does not swallow her up, for she is far too good to waste!

Another excellent thing about this film is it’s use of (minimal, once again, but effective) sound design and music.The general score has a very late 70’s, early 80’s feel to it (as does the entire film really, which I love). Other directors have tried to pull this effect off and failed miserably, but Kevin and Dennis manage it simply because they have heart, passion and desire to pay homage without copying.



10 out of 10 –

See this asap, is is simply one of the top three horror feature films in the past 5 (possibly 10) years.